Boat Storage

Here at The Storage Place, we understand how important you boats and watercraft are to you. Storing your boat is not as simple as pulling it out of the water and hauling it to your storage facility. Your first task is to locate a convenient, secure, and affordable storage facility. You want your boat protected from the elements and from unwanted visitors. Frigid weather and/or long periods of storage can result in expensive repairs and unnecessary maintenance. We’ll do our part; you do yours.

Here is a list of steps you can take to ensure that your boat is ready for storage.

Clean the Hull and Deck

  • You’ll probably be storing your boat for an entire season. You want it clean and free of last summer’s trash when you are ready to put it in the water next summer.

Add a Fuel Stabilizer and Fill the Tank

  • Condensation can form in an empty gas tank, causing corrosion or worse if the moisture freezes. Fuel stabilizer will prevent this from happening, and your fuel will be ready to go when you are.

Change the Oil

  • Water or acids that have gotten into your oil can corrode the engine. Change the filter and flush it out so that no water remains. Then, add new oil.

Refresh the Coolant System

  • Drain the coolant, flush with water, and fill with fresh antifreeze. Make sure you’ve diluted the antifreeze to specification. This will protect your engine from freezing and corrosion.

Disconnect the Battery

  • Don’t allow your battery to drain over the winter. Disconnect it and top it off with distilled water. Charge it periodically to make sure it’s ready to go when you hook it back up to your boat.

Grease the Steering Mechanism

  • Grease the steering and control mechanisms so that they will be moving smoothly when it’s time to take the boat out again.

Remove the Drive Belts

  • Before storing your boat, loosen or remove the drive belts. They may crack under the stress of being kept under tension for long periods of time.

Maintain the Interior of Your Boat

  • If you have electronics in your boat, they are vulnerable to extreme cold and moisture. Remove them prior to storage. Leather, canvas, and any other organic fabrics should be removed to prevent mold and mildew. Empty the water tanks and run antifreeze through the pipes.

Wash and Wax the Exterior

  • Cover the body of your boat with wax. This will prevent rust from corroding your boat’s body and is particularly important if you are storing your boat outside.

Use A Cover

  • Even if your boat is parked in interior storage, a cover will protect it from dirt, dust, grime, and moisture.