Student Storage

Moving your college student from home to college and back is an adventure for the first time. When you do it year after year, it starts to get old – probably after the second time you do it. Moving all of the furniture, clothes, and accumulated debris all the way back home and then back to school is quite a chore. It will take a professional mover, or at minimum, two cars and a small truck.

Here are some good reasons to rent self-storage for your college student:

  • Space: This is a big one. Dorm rooms are cramped. It’s great to have a place to store extra books and off-season clothing, not to mention any other strange things they may have accumulated while away at school. We prefer not to mention them.
  • Security: It is an understatement to say that most students this age can be careless. Any items that they don’t use regularly will be far more secure in a safely locked storage unit that in their dorm or the trunk of their car. And, as far as summer, storing furniture and valuables at a storage facility provides a level of safety not found in a locked apartment that is abandoned until school starts again.
  • Savings: The cost and inconvenience of moving your stuff to and from home between semesters and over the summer for four – to who knows how many – years will far exceed the cost of storage.

At The Storage Place, we have secure, cost-efficient storage units that provide the perfect amount of space for dorm room and apartment-size belongings.  Instead of hauling the mini-fridge, the furniture, and the TV from campus to home and back again, they can be dropped off at one of our safe, secure storage units for the summer months.

What colleges and universities are near a Storage Place location?

The Storage Place is located near several colleges and universities. Here’s just a short list:

What type of student will benefit from renting a storage unit?

If your home is distant from school and/or your student is studying abroad for the summer, renting a self-storage unit will be very advantageous. It will save the time and effort of packing and shipping across the country.

What is the ideal size unit for students?

Most college students will have sufficient space if they rent a 5 x 5 or 5 x 10 unit.  A 5 x 5 unit will hold small furniture, miscellaneous boxes, and home decor. A 5 x 10 unit will hold minimal amounts of small furniture, sofas, chairs, chests of drawers, and mattresses. 

What is the cost of summer storage for college students?

Cost is typically based on the size of storage unit and the length of time rented.  We offer flexible month-to-month lease terms, so you won’t be committed to a long-term contract.  Don’t forget to check on our student discounts.

Give us a call to discuss your student storage options. Our state-of-the-art security will keep your belongings and your students safe and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will guide you through the storage process.