Business Storage

Your business may be a roaring success, but you still have space problems. We’re here to help you find the perfect solution. Whether you’re a small business, a sales rep, a contractor, or a community organization, we’ll work with you to create the perfect storage plan for your specific needs.

We can offer you flexibility, convenience, and security at a lower cost per square foot that commercial space, and our flexible month-to-month leasing means that you never have to make a long-term commitment. If your business changes, your space can change.

No Longer A Startup

You can no longer think of yourself as a start-up. Your business is growing, and working at home is no longer an option. Boxes are piled to the ceiling, eating at a table is no longer possible, and the ottoman is your printer stand. This morning your dog had an accident on your very costly marketing materials. It’s time for a safe-secure storage unit. Our flexible lease terms and wide range of types and sizes of units make it easy to move to a larger space as your business grows. And, “NO,” you cannot store your dog in the unit.

Construction Equipment

Are you making your neighbors very unhappy by parking a backhoe in the driveway and a dump truck in the backyard? Is your business parking lot too small for large, cumbersome vehicles?  You need help. If you don’t find a solution to this problem, your HOA is going to fine you, and your neighbors may do something worse. We can easily provide secure parking for many of your large trucks and trailers and almost any type of equipment that you don’t use on a daily basis. Give us a call to discuss your options. Your neighbors might start speaking to you again, but is that what you really want?

Brick and Mortar

Do you own a retail business that requires stocking inventory for which you don’t have a stockroom? Are you keeping that inventory at home in your bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and attic? We can solve that problem. Whether you sell sports equipment, apparel, linens, or kitchen supplies, you can equip your unit with shelving, containers, or garment racks - whatever will work for your business. You’ll be able to save money by purchasing in bulk and you won’t have to store hockey sticks in your bathtub. With our flexible hours and state-of-the-art security, your items will be safe, secure, and easily accessible.

Sales Reps

You spend countless hours traveling, visiting local businesses or medical offices, or sitting in front of a computer. Your sales literature, samples, and documents are shoved into your trunk, your briefcase, or your underwear drawers. Your home is turning into a warehouse, and you have nowhere to relax “away” from business demands. If you’re a pharmaceutical or medical rep, you need a secure place to store samples, and that doesn’t mean in your medicine cabinet. A storage unit that is safe, secure, and convenient is your ultimate solution. You can add inexpensive shelving against the walls that will position all your materials and samples at your fingertips. Stop and see us. We’ll help you find the right space.

The Permanent Volunteer

Is volunteering you “part-time” job? Do your vocal chords freeze up when you try to say “No?” This can turn into a lonely, ugly situation. Whether it’s a local charity, the PTA, Cheerleaders, Sports, Scouts, or any other group, there are always mountains of equipment and work involved. Maybe you need to store games for a yearly carnival or casino night. Or it could be sports or band equipment. If you’re the lucky person in charge, don’t get stuck lugging and storing it in your garage or the trunk of your car. You can store these items in a safe, convenient, affordable self-storage unit. When it’s time to pick them up, you can pretend your sick and designate another person to take care of this stuff.

Make Martha Stewart Proud

If you have a hobby, it’s very likely that you don’t have a TV production crew to organize your materials and clean up your clutter. Most hobbies and crafts are accompanied by a large volume of supplies and not much organization. If you’ve ever watched one of those FB crafting videos, you’ll know what I mean. If you have the convenience of a clean, worry-free space to store your crafting materials, your creativity will be boundless. You can outfit your space with shelving, baskets, and whatever you need to keep your supplies organized. You’ll finally be able to get all of those works of art completed! Martha would be so proud.